Take it Chill or Live on the Edge

Venture to the southernmost point of the Big Island and of the United States – Head to Ka Lae. Ka Lae is a National Historic Landmark, registered under the name South Point Complex. South Point is a brilliant spot to checkout incredible views of the great pacific. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even take a plunge. Every year, thousands of visitors dive into the brilliant deep blue ocean. If you’re looking for a more chill afternoon, go fishing. Fishing at South Point is plentiful and colorful with red snappers and uluas galore. Fish from the cliffs. If you’re feeling dangerous, make a climb over steep lava ledges for a prime fishing spot.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Swimming at south point is common and snorkeling is incredible but approach with caution. The heavy current can easily carry you deep into the hungry pacific or slam your body ruthlessly against the jagged volcanic rock. Indeed, Hawaiians call it the “Halaea Current”, named after a Hawaiian chief whose life was quite literally swept away. South Point is an exceptionally popular destination for locals and tourists alike. You can find Ka Lae by driving along South point Road, it is the narrow paved road following State Route 11.  Turn off about 7 miles east of ocean View. If you continue down this road you will reach a crossroads – head south to reach Ka Lae and east to reach the green sand beach (more formally known as Papakolea Beach).

South Point is a fantastic destination for an easy weekend of casual fishing or a heart-pounding, adrenaline filled afternoon. If you’re a fan of nature and surf you cannot go wrong with the southernmost point of the United States.


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