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Playing in Paradise — Great Bars in Honolulu

Night Life in Honolulu

Nick named, The Gathering Place, Oahu is known as the most populated, most urban Hawaiian Islands. While it is still possible to find rural communities on Oahu most people visit Oahu for work or urban play. If you enjoy a fast paced city scene in paradise, Honolulu is for you. Honolulu has some of the best bars in all of Hawaii making it a great place for fun and games. This article will highlight three of the best bars in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Bar 35

For an easy night that doesn’t forego taste, checkout Bar 35. This bar is dedicated to all things beer providing over 150 brews from more than 20 different countries. There is a brew for everyone at Bar 35. If you still can’t find a beer to match your taste buds try one of their fantastic cocktails. Live music and DJs keep this Bar upbeat and energetic. This is a great place to party.

Amuse Wine Bar

Keep it classy at Amuse Wine Bar. This is perfect spot for young professionals that want a relaxed spot, enjoy live music while nibbling on cheese. Relish in a wide wine selection of wine and cocktails galore.  Amuse Wine Bar has 80 different types of wines and provides an atmosphere that won’t let you down.

Surfer, The Bar

For an experience that has it all (bar, club, and restaurant) – Check out: Surfer, The Bar. Surfer, The bar is a great place to spend your Saturday night if you have a large group of people and you’re not sure who to cater to.  There are endless events at Surfer, the Bar, from karaoke on Sunday nights to live music. Surfer, The Bar is a place everyone can appreciate.