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Exploring the Wild West of Maui — Makawao

Maui has become one of the most tourist dense islands of Hawaii. Maui has many resorts, as a result there are countless activities and locations on the Valley Isle. But some visitors want to stay rural.  Luckily, there are still a number of locations that are dedicated to agriculture and local life, like Makawao — Explore the Wild West of Maui.

Discovering “Upcountry”

Makwawao, Hawaii is located on the rural northwest slope of Haleakala, consequently the community is known for be the hub of “upcountry”. Rolling hills and misty mountains unfold effortless in Makwawao. The fertile forest floor makes Makwawao home to numerous ranches and botanical gardens.  Makawao is known for it’s young, remote, artistic community. If you choose to make a visit you will find it’s well secluded from bumbling, buzzing Kahului.

Not a Place of Luxury but of Growth

There are countless ways to explore Maui but you may find that you prefer a more secluded life style. Makwawao is a great location if you are looking to make an extended trip (a month or longer). Consequently, this is a place where you can unplug, get back to life’s basics. Learn to grow your own food and provide for yourself, but understand these experiences do not come in a vacation package. This community, will expose you to alternative living, self suitability. Hiking is endless in this area of Maui.  Before beginning your journey to Makwawao ensure if this is the type of trip you’re looking for because it is not for all visitors. This is not a destination for a luxury vacation.  This is not a resort town.

For travelers who are looking to learn, experience local life – Makwawao is a great spot.  Explore the center Maui’s wild west, explore Makwawao. You will find more than meets the eye.

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