Waialea Beach also known as Beach 69 is located a quarter mile south of the popular Hapuna Beach in the Kohala district of the Big Island. Although not as widely known or popular as the larger Hapuna Beach, Beach 69 is a local favorite. One reason many locals prefer Beach 69 is because of the shade from the trees along the beach.

Sunsets from this beach are some of the best around. Parking is free at this beach that is managed by Hapuna State Recreational Park. On location there are showers and bathrooms. For those of you wondering why it is also called Beach 69, the answers is because of the mile marker 69 that is in front of the beach.

Snorkeling at this bay offers a diverse variety of marine life ranging from tropical fish, manta rays, octopus, non aggressive reef sharks. It is not advised to swim at this beach when the water is murky as it is never advised to swim in any beach when the water is murky due to the fact that large sharks may mistake a person for a marine animal. Sharks are not man eaters and will not attack a person unless they mistake it for prey. That is why sharks do not actually eat humans. After one bite they let go and realize they are not interested.